Show Notes

This was the first of two shows at the Louder Than Life festival.

The weekend promised “two unique sets” which, when all was said and done, delivered 33 different songs and no repeats across two nights.

This was the first time in 21 years that “Whiplash” was performed in Kentucky. It was last played in the state on July 8, 2000 in Sparta… minus James Hetfield.

This was the first time in 35 years that “Ride the Lightning” was played in Louisville. It was last performed here on July 25, 1986.

This was the first time that “Cyanide,” “The Memory Remains,” and “Whiskey in the Jar” were performed in Kentucky.

This was the first time in 17 years that “No Leaf Clover” was played in Kentucky. It was last performed in the state on April 28, 2004.

Not a single song off of The Black Album was performed at this show… obviously, the precursor to what was to come on Sunday.

Metallica performed 16 songs off of nine different albums: Kill ‘Em All (2), Ride the Lightning (3), Master of Puppets (2), …And Justice for All (2), Reload (2), Garage Inc. (1), S&M (1), Death Magnetic (1), Hardwired…To Self-Destruct (2)

Videos From The Show

Whiskey in the Jar (Louisville, KY - September 24, 2021)

Moth Into Flame (Louisville, KY - September 24, 2021)

Ride the Lightning (Louisville, KY - September 24, 2021)

For Whom the Bell Tolls (Global Citizen Live)

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