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The Metallica Black Box

Exclusive to Fifth Members, this digital museum is home to memorabilia ranging from personal band member collections to fan contributions and everything in between.

When you’ve been making music as a band of brothers for the better part of a century, you accumulate more content than is physically possible to share with the world. While digging through this literal and metaphoric vault, we were drawn to open the doors and let some artifacts see the light of day.

You’ll see some familiar content, which helps us paint a full picture. But the hidden gems you’ll uncover are why we launched this multimedia library in the first place.

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  • Unseen Photos Unseen Photos

    Unseen Photos

    Unreleased and rarely seen photos from our personal collections.

  • Unearthed Video Unearthed Video

    Unearthed Video

    Rare footage, including live clips, exclusive interviews, and behind-the-scenes content.

  • Unheard Audio Unheard Audio

    Unheard Audio

    Clips from the studio, from the road, and from interviews.

  • Untold Stories Untold Stories

    Untold Stories

    From our perspective and from those who were there with us from the start.

  • Personal Artifacts Personal Artifacts

    Personal Artifacts

    Old ticket stubs, letters, faxes, ideas scribbled on that old hotel pad of paper, and beyond.

  • Exclusive Merch Exclusive Merch

    Exclusive Merch

    Limited edition prints and posters, commemorative plaques, and recreated classic merch.

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