Polished M Logo Silver Ring - 14, , hi-res
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Polished M Logo Silver Ring - 14


100% Sterling Silver Ring featuring the M Logo and Ninja Star.

Rings are made to order. Your credit card will be charged when the order is placed, and the ring will be shipped with 3-6 weeks.


*PLEASE NOTE FOR SIZING: You must print out the size chart for accuracy. Sizing will be off on any device screen.


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  • Polished silver 
  • Manufactured in the USA by Silver Luthier
  • M Logo appears on front and side and Ninja Star on the opposite side


  • Due to customs restrictions, we cannot accept or ship orders to Russia or Brazil.
  • No refunds or exchanges. Please consult the ring sizing chart before placing your order.
    • Important: If you use chart number 2 to measure, the ring on the paper represents your finger and should fit INSIDE the physical ring you are comparing it to.

**This product cannot be purchased with any other products. You will only be able to checkout with the ring alone in your cart.

This product is excluded from any discounts.

About Silver Luthier

Silver Luthier was launched to fill a niche market of revolutionary guitar accessories such as tuning keys, volume & tone knobs, tailpieces, toggle plates, & striking Rocker style sterling silver jewelry, such as bracelets, rings, earrings & pendants to match.  All hand carved, cast and finished in our shop in Nashville.

With a fascination for Rocker style jewelry, creator Ryan Murphy began learning silversmithing, & apprenticed under a 3rd generation master jeweler in Los Angeles, where he began to create his first designs, which later evolved into Silver Luthier.

Silver: A Precious soft white metallic element, capable of a high degree of polish. Silver is one of the “noble” metals. It is  commonly used in the construction of high quality musical wind instruments, as well as used for coin, plate and jewelry. Symbol Ag. (Argentum)

Luthier: A Craftsman who makes stringed musical instruments such as Violins or Guitars.

See more of Ryan's work at

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