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Metallica Clue



Metallica partners up with one of the most iconic American mystery games, Clue!

Picture this: The band and crew are back at HQ to record Metallica's next album, but with all the excitement, a key piece of equipment has gone missing! As the hours tick by, the group grows more and more eager to begin. They decide to split up and scour the building for any trace of their missing equipment. Find out WHAT piece has gone missing, WHERE it’s hiding, and WHO finds it so the recording session can get back on track! 

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Players: Papa Het, Duder, Mr. Ripper, Dr. Groove, The Engineer, Col. William

Equipment: Guitar, Bass, Snare Drum, Wah Pedal, Microphone, Computer

Learn more about the artist behind Metallica Clue in our So What! Interview - Maxx242: Clue'd Up.

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Maxx242 is part of the artist collective, F4D Studios. 

F4D Studios was created in 1994 when a group of friends with common interests came together to form an art and graffiti crew. Since that time, the crew has grown and flourished into a full fledged art studio based out in Southern California. 

Their services include: Art, design, and illustration for branding, marketing, advertisement, and production purposes. They do art for everything from concert gig posters to logo designs to apparel graphics. 

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