Damage Inc. Wagon Dish Set, , hi-res
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Damage Inc. Wagon Dish Set



Feed 'em right so they grow up to be strong metalheads!


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Made of 100% silicone rubber, which has passed the US FDA food contact material testing standards.

About Squindo

Born in New Jersey and raised on huge doses of Saturday morning cartoons through the 70s and 80s, definitely shaped the attitude and art style Squindo have today.  More than once his art teachers told hin that what he was doing was not art and the cartoon-ish style could never mesh with real art, leaving no future or career doing what he was of course he pursued it!

Squindo's fine art is a lowbrow collection of skulls, hotrods, monkeys, tikis and pinup girls primarily painted with wood stain on panels. He also sculpts in epoxy clay and automotive body filler. When not behind a pencil or paintbrush, Squindo is most definitely behind the wheel of my 65 Snotrocket panel truck or his 1931 pickup from hell out slinging art at your local car show. Seems that some of his teachers may have been wrong...the combination of quirky cartoons and heavy metal has been working for him so far!

IG: @Squindo
FB: @Squindo
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