Diary of a Madman

Written By Osbourne/Rhoads/Daisley/Kerslake

Screaming at the window
Watch me die another day
Hopeless situation
Endless price I have to pay

	Sanity now it's beyond me
	There's no choice

Diary of a madman
Walk the line again today
Entries of confusion
Dear diary, I'm here to stay

	Manic depression befriends me
	Hear my voice
	Sanity now it's beyond me
	There's no choice

A sickened mind and spirit
The mirror tells me lies
Could I mistake myself for someone
Who lives behind my eyes?
Will he escape my soul
Or will he live in me?
Is he trying to get out
Or trying to enter me?

Voices in the darkness
Scream away my mental health
Can I ask a question
To help me save me from myself?

	Enemies fill up the pages
	Are they me
	Monday 'til Sunday in stages
	Set me free