Stone Dead Forever

Written by Kilmister/Clarke/Taylor
You think you see me, in the glass
You think you hear me, you better listen fast
I think I see you, gone to seed
The only reasons, were your guilt and greed

        You're out there on your own
        Your face turned to stone
        Whatever happened to your life?
        Stone Dead Forever

You're a financial wizard, a top tycoon
A sweet lounge lizard, with a silver spoon
You know you never had it, quite so good
You didn't know, that you even could

        The wrong side of the fold
        Your touch has turned to gold
        Whatever happened to your life?
        Stone Dead Forever

It's been a long time, been a long long wait
And you've caught your fingers, in the Pearly Gates
You'd better leave your number, and we'll call you
You know your problems, ain't exactly new

        The time has come today
        Your feet turn to clay
        Whatever happened to your life?
        Stone Dead Forever

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Cover Info

Originally released by Motörhead in 1979 on the Bomber album.

Motörhead - Bomber

Live Performances

“Stone Dead Forever” has been performed live 2 time

The song was first played live on December 14, 1995 in West Hollywood, CA, United States

It was last performed on April 1, 2009 in Paris, France

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