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Going Down to Your “Local” Spot with Enter Night… All Summer Long

Jul 3, 2019

Perhaps it has already happened to you during these early dates on the European WorldWired Tour. You’ve been wandering the windy late night streets of Lisbon or Madrid – lost, lonely, and thirsty – seeking a little company and comfort, craving a nice, cold pilsner, pining for the good vibes that come when you can hang in a familiar place with “family”…


Your prayers have been answered and will continue to be answered on a nightly basis thanks to Enter Night Pilsner and Stone Brewing.

Starting a couple of weeks ago, in each European city the eve before the gig, Enter Night has been throwing a pretty rockin’ pre-party. Led by Stone honcho Greg Koch, and managed by Stone’s European logistics maestro Christoph Becher, the Enter Night pre-parties are all about giving the Metallica family somewhere fun to commune.

“We wanted to give the fans their very own ‘local’ to hang out in every night with their fellow Metallica friends and family,” explains Greg. “Whether you’re a casual fan, an average fan, a Black Ticket holder or whatever kind of fan you are, come and join us every night before a gig and let’s hang out!”

“We enjoy helping to create a cozy, friendly vibe,” furthers Cristoph. “We’re selecting the venues based on conversations with the local distributor, and some of them have some great history.”

“For example, in Milan, the brewery we’re at opened in 1996, same year we started ours,” continues Greg. “We became friends in 2000; they are metalheads just like us, they make great beer, they share our beer, so these are events you need to come, be a part of and enjoy.”

One of Greg’s biggest missions in his social forays is to learn about others, exchange tales and create an environment conducive to such things.

“It’s all about fostering that human experience and old school vibe, about sharing things with each other you have mutual admiration and appreciation for,” he explains. “I recently met the St. Germany [Metallica Club] Chapter again, who helped us kick off Enter Night in Berlin, and it was great to see them. As much as I think I know about Metallica, they know so much more. Just last night [in Barcelona] I met folks from Germany, Brazil, Ireland, Poland, the UK, and the US, all sharing cool stories and insights. I think it’s really important to have a conversation with someone you don’t know [at these events because] you will probably find out some fascinating things and make new friends.”

One further thing to consider? Seeing as we’re talking about your cozy “local” vibe, who knows who might pop down for a swift one or few?

“You never know who might show up,” agrees Koch. “The other night in Barcelona Marc Reiter from Metallica's management stopped by, he's been with them for many years, and a great guy with phenomenal stories. And while there’s certainly no ‘wrong’ way to see Metallica, there’s some even more ‘right’ ways. One of those is from the Snake Pit, and at the pre-party the night before [the show], we’ll be raffling off two Snake Pit passes every single time. If you get one, I’ll see you in there and be sure to find me and say ‘hi!’”

More than anything, these Enter Night pre-parties should be your home-away-from-home and your consistent, good-vibe social hang, much like your regular watering hole at home. This is em>your opportunity to continue building out the tremendous family and Metallica communities which continue to blow everyone away on this WorldWired adventure, and Enter Night is delighted to be a warmly enthusiastic facilitator and host.

“The night before [each gig], you always want to get together with like-minded people,” says Greg, “and the perfect place to do that is at your ‘local.’ There’s always [going to be] some sort of surprise lurking around the corner no doubt.”

Come one, come all, and even then, bring a few buddies!

Pre-Parties For Leg 3


Where: Stone Brewing Tap Room, Oderberger Str. 15, 10435 Berlin, Germany
When: Starting at 6 PM
What: Metallica Concert Warm-Up with Greg Koch


Where: Ölrepubuliken, Kronhusgatan 2B, 411 13 Göteborg, Sweden
When: 6:30 PM
What: Metallica Pre-Party with Greg Koch

(Note: You get two!)

Where: SKAAL, Kultorvet 11, 1175 Copenhagen
When: Starting at 5:30 PM
What: Meet & Greet with Greg Koch

Where: High Voltage, Axeltorv 3, 1906 Copenhagen
When: Starting at 8 PM
What: Metallica Pre-Party


Where: BROR, Nordre Gate, 7011 Trondheim, Norway
When: Starting at 6:00 pm
What: Metallica Pre-Party with Greg Koch


Where: PRAHA Mannerheimintie 5, 0100 Helsinki
When: Starting at 6:30 PM
What: Metallica Pre-Party with Greg Koch

(Note: You get two!)

Where: Pudel Barr, Telliskivi 60A, 10412 Tallinn, Estonia
When: Starting at 7 PM
What: Meet & Greet with Greg Koch

Where: Rock & Roll Heaven, Tiigi 76A, 50410 Tartu, Estonia
When: Starting at 7 PM
What: Metallica Pre-Party

(Note: You get two!)

Where: Club Gorod, ул. Лесная, д 30а, Москва
When: Starting at 5 PM
What: Metallica Pre-Party with Greg Koch

Where: Fcking Craft Pub, Новослободская 16А, Moscow, Russia, 127055
When: Starting at 6 PM
What: Metallica Pre-Party with Greg Koch

Greg also encourages you to connect with him via Instagram, @stonegreg. And of course, stay tuned to @Metallica on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay up to date on all pre-party announcements.