Guitar, Vocals:
James Hetfield
Lars Ulrich
Kirk Hammett
Robert Trujillo
"St. Anger Live Rarities" Album Cover



  1. Sweet Amber
    Live at United Spirit Arena, Lubbock, TX - September 4th, 2004
  2. The Unnamed Feeling
    Live at Osaka-Jou Hall, Osaka, Japan - November 13th, 2003
  3. Dirty Window
    Live at Sydney Entertainment Center, Sydney, Australia - January 21st, 2004
  4. Some Kind of Monster
    Live at Allstate Arena, Chicago, IL - August 27th, 2004

Liner Notes:

Executive Producer: Greg Fidelman\
Recorded by Mike Gillies\
Mixed by Greg Fidelman\
Mastered by Billy Joe Bowers at Casa de Amor

Design & Layout: Alex Tenta\
Package Illustrations & St. Anger Original Artwork: Pushead\
Live Photography: Michael Agel

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