Metal Massacre

Released June 14, 1982

Released June 14, 1982

Liner Notes

Back in 1982, Metallica made their recorded debut on the Metal Blade compilation, Metal Massacre with their song "Hit the Lights." The first pressing of Metal Massacre featured a version of "Hit the Lights" with guitar solos by Lloyd Grant and Dave Mustaine, with James tripling on rhythm guitar, vocals, and bass. They later re-recorded "Hit the Lights" for the second pressing of Metal Massacre featuring Dave Mustaine on lead guitar and Ron McGovney on bass.

First Pressing Lineup

James Hetfield - Guitar, Vocals, Bass

Lars Ulrich - Drums

Dave Mustaine - Guitar

Lloyd Grant - Guitar

Second Pressing Lineup

James Hetfield -Vocals

Lars Ulrich - Drums

Dave Mustaine - Guitar

Ron McGovney - Bass

Executive Producer: Brian Slagel

Assistant Producer: John Kornarens

Mastered by Joe Borja at The Bijou, Hollywood, California

Design & Layout: Elaine Offers

Album Concept: Brian Slagel

© Metal Blade Records