Ride the Lightning

Released July 27, 1984

James Hetfield – Guitar, Vocals
Lars Ulrich – Drums
Kirk Hammett – Guitar
Cliff Burton – Bass

Producer: Metallica
Production Assistants: Flemming Rasmussen & Mark Whitaker
Engineer: Flemming Rasmussen

Recorded & Mixed at Sweet Silence Studios, Copenhagen, Denmark in the Spring of 1984
Megaforce Release Mastered by Tom Coyne Frankford Wayne
Elektra Release Mastered by Bob Ludwig
Remastered in 1995 by George Marino

Cover Concept: Metallica
Cover Design: Ad Artists
Inner Sleeve Photos: Fin Costello (B&W Group), Anthony D. Somella (Live Group), and Robert Hoetink (Dressing Room)
Back Cover Photos: Pete Cronin (Lars), Rick Brackett (Kirk), Harold Oimen (Cliff), and Rick Brackett (James)

Management: Crazed Management (Megaforce release) and Q Prime, Inc.

Recorded live on August 29, 1989 at the Seattle Coliseum in Seattle, WA
Bass & Additional Vocals by Jason Newsted
Mixed by Mike Gillies
These songs were available on the digital reissue of RIDE THE LIGHTNING from 2006 to 2011.

All songs © Creeping Death Music (ASCAP)
© 1984 Blackened Recordings

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