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August 2, 2023

The Metallica Report

The Metallica Report

We’re excited to introduce The Metallica Report, launching today with our very first episode! Our new podcast will be a quick, weekly hit, including news, updates, exclusive features, and surprises from HQ and beyond.

The pod will be hosted by two of the closest members of our extended family – some of you may even know them already! Leading the conversation will be Steffan Chirazi, who began covering us as a journalist in the ’80s and is now at the helm of our online mag, So What!, and Renée Richardson, Director of Philanthropy for All Within My Hands and well-known Bay Area radio personality.

With each episode, Steffan and Renée will keep you informed with the latest news from Metallica HQ and dispatches from the road as the M72 Tour continues to make its way around the world. You’ll also enjoy exclusive, behind-the-scenes updates and interviews with the likes of the touring crew, poster and t-shirt artists, and fans through our mini-features. And we plan to make a few appearances ourselves!

In addition to the most inside and up-to-date news, The Metallica Report will take requests: submit your inquiries, and Steffan and Renée will get to the bottom of your burning questions every Wednesday. We also want to hear your stories. Tell us how the music inspires you, share a great road story, or make a suggestion.

Subscribe to The Metallica Report wherever you get your podcasts, or go to To submit questions, stories, comments, and more, visit

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