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June 22, 2023

#MetallicaGivesBack Throughout Europe

A huge thank you to all of you who made the kick-off of the M72 tour so memorable!! We’re on a brief break after some incredible nights in Europe, but we want to thank you for joining us in supporting our charitable partners.

If you’ve been following along with All Within My Hands, you know we donate a portion of all ticket sales back into the communities visited in each city. In partnership with local promoters, the Foundation has been working diligently to find organizations that align with the AWMH mission and actively put funds to use to better the lives of people in need. Curious where the money has gone while the M72 World Tour made its way through Europe?

Get to know our recipients below. A massive thank you to Live Nation,, Festival Republic, and of course, the entire Metallica Family for making these grants possible! And a special shout out to Metallica Club Scandinavia. Thirty-eight of their members spent time volunteering for Göteborgs Stadsmission on the day between shows, packing bags of food.

AMSTERDAM (In Partnership with

April 27 | €40,000 to Voedselbanken Nederland
Voedselbanken Nederland - a food bank that provides food free of charge to people in the Netherlands who are temporarily unable to provide food for themselves - was the recipient of the money raised by night one at Johan Cruijff ArenA.

April 29 | €40,000 to Blijf Groep
Blijf Groep - an organization working to stop domestic violence and create safety by offering tailor-made help to all involved - was the recipient of the money raised by night two at Johan Cruijff ArenA.

PARIS (In Partnership with Live Nation)

May 17 & 19 | €80,000 to Les Restos du Cœur
Les Restos du Cœur - an organization established to provide assistance to the poor through access to free meals and participation in their social and economic integration - was the recipient of the money raised by both nights at Stade de France.

HAMBURG (In Partnership with Live Nation)

MAY 26 | €40,000 to CaFée mit Herz
CaFée mit Herz - an organization that serves the poor, unemployed, and homeless community in St. Pauli by providing food, drinks, and clothing free of charge as well as social counseling and health care for guests who do not have insurance - was the recipient of the money raised by night one at Volksparkstadion.

May 28 | €40,000 to DeinTopf
DeinTopf - an organization established as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and committed to social food distribution with heart that serves people from all walks of life - was the recipient of the money raised by night two at Volksparkstadion.

CASTLE DONINGTON (In Partnership with Live Nation and Festival Republic)

June 8 | £40,000 to Help The Homeless Leicester
Help The Homeless Leicester - an organization that provides relief from homelessness by gaining insight from those most at risk and working in complement with other service-providing organizations - was the recipient of the money raised by night one at Download Festival.

June 10 | £40,000 to Living Without Abuse
Living Without Abuse - an organization that supports women, men, and children affected by domestic abuse and/or sexual violence and is committed to working towards its prevention and eradication by raising awareness and providing relief - was the recipient of the money raised by night two at Download Festival.

GOTHENBURG (In Partnership with Live Nation)

June 16 & 18 | SEK 928 000 to Göteborgs Stadsmission
Göteborgs Stadsmission (Gothenburg City Mission) - an organization that fights for a more humane society by providing emergency and long-term support in the areas of homelessness, poverty, addiction, unemployment, domestic violence, mental illness, and unsustainable consumption/production - was the recipient of the money raised by both nights.

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