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November 28, 2022

M72 World Tour FAQ

When and where is Metallica playing?
Click here to see all the tour dates scheduled for 2023 and 2024.

Will more shows be added to the tour?
No. There are no plans to add additional headlining shows to the schedule for the next two years; the band may make very limited appearances at special events.

When do tickets go on sale?
2-day tickets are currently on sale. Single-day tickets for all shows will be on sale Friday, January 20, at 9 AM Local Time in Mexico City and 10 AM Local Time in Europe, the U.S., and Canada.

What about presales?
Fan Club pre-sales for single-day tickets start on Monday, January 16, at 9 AM Local Time in North America and at 10 AM Local Time in Europe. All Fan Club members who have requested a presale code will have access to single-day tickets at this time. There are a variety of other presales depending on which cities you are interested in attending, so please check here for more information.

Will accessible tickets be available during the presales?

Are there accessible seating tickets available with Enhanced Experiences?
Yes, we can accommodate accessibility issues, but you must email the Enhanced Experience customer service address after purchase. The request will be logged, and operational logistics to accommodate you will be made based on lounge locations as well as ADA-accessible seating. EE North America (US / CAN) –, EE Mexico –, EE Europe –

I am a Fifth Member. How do I access the presale? How do I get a code?
All Fan Club members need to request a personal presale ticket code. Your code will be e-mailed to the address in your profile and will also appear on your Fifth Member profile page.

Each code is good for purchasing up to four tickets per show.

For more information or to sign up to join the fan club, please visit

For member inquiries, complete the form at

How many tickets can I buy for each city?
Presales are limited to four tickets per fan per city. The general sale beginning January 20 is limited to six tickets per person, with a few exceptions.

I do not live in the same country where I would like to attend a show(s). Can I still purchase tickets?
Yes, in most cases, you should have no issues purchasing tickets outside of your home country. You may want to confirm with your credit card company before the on-sales.

I see there are two shows in the same city in one weekend. What’s the deal?
Each city will be a no-repeat weekend! Metallica will play two completely different setlists each night, with two other opening acts for each show.

If I purchase a two-day ticket, will I be in the same location each night?
Yes, each ticket allowing entry to the two shows will be in the same location, whether the same seat or standing area. For example, if you have selected General Admission standing, you will be in General Admission standing for both shows. If you have assigned seats, you will sit in the same seat each night.

What are the Enhanced Experience packages?
Enhanced Experiences are available for all shows, with five levels to choose from. Offerings include a backstage meet & greet with band members, production and stage tours, Snake Pit passes & early access to the GA floor. For more details, click here: Enhanced Experiences.

Can I buy an Enhanced Experience package for a single day?
Starting January 16, all Enhanced Experience tiers EXCEPT the “Nothing Else Matters” Snake Pit Experience will ONLY be available as single-show packages. The “Nothing Else Matters” Snake Pit Experience, which includes access to a meet & greet and production & stage tour, will remain exclusively a two-show experience and will NOT be made available for single-day purchase.

Will there be hotel/travel packages available for these shows?
No, there are no officially approved travel or hotel packages available for this tour.

Is the band playing in the round? What does this mean?
Yes, for the first time on a stadium tour, the stage will be in the center of the field, like many of you have seen in arenas. Fans can see the band from any point in the stadium.

What is the “Snake Pit?”
The famed Snake Pit will be in the center of the stage on this tour! Being in the Snake Pit makes you a part of the show and is the closest place to the stage to see the band. All tickets for the Snake Pit are standing tickets.

How can I buy a Snake Pit ticket?
Snake Pit tickets are currently sold out. However, some of the Enhanced Experience packages do include Snake Pit tickets.

What is an “I Disappear” Ticket, and how can I buy one?
Formerly known as the “Black Laminate,” the “I Disappear” Ticket gives you access to Metallica shows in multiple cities across the M72 2023/2024 stadium tour. Several options are available depending on how many shows you would like to attend and where they are. “I Disappear” Tickets are available only via the Enhanced Experiences website. The “I Disappear” Ticket does NOT allow entry to festivals, benefits, or other shows that are not Metallica headlining dates. One example of that exclusion would be the Download Festival in June of 2023. I Disappear Tickets will not be transferrable.

Who will the support acts be?
Each night of the weekend will have different support acts and will vary depending on which shows you are attending. Five Finger Death Punch and Ice Nine Kills will join the band for one show on all weekends around the world, with Mammoth WVH also joining the entire tour for the other night. Architects will also be playing the shows in Europe; Pantera in North America and Greta Van Fleet in Mexico City. There are a few exceptions, so check your show weekend on the tour page at

Is the show suitable for children?
This is at the discretion of parents/guardians. Explicit language may be used during the performance.

How and when will I receive my tickets?
Depending on the options available for your city, show tickets are either issued as mobile tickets or PDFs sent via e-mail. You may not be able to view or download your tickets until closer to the event. Check your confirmation email or Ticketmaster account for further details.

How can I give my tickets to a friend or family?
You can transfer tickets directly from your Ticketmaster account closer to the event date. Enhanced Experiences and I Disappear Tickets will not be transferable.

Can I sell or transfer just one of my two-day tickets?
No, you may only transfer both tickets to both shows; it is impossible to transfer a single-day ticket if you have purchased a two-day ticket. Please note that transfer may not be available in some countries until a later date. As a reminder, Enhanced Experiences and I Disappear Tickets will not be transferable. Contact your point of purchase for more information.

I bought a two-day ticket but changed my mind and only want to go for one day. What are my options?
If you bought a two-day ticket, you may opt to transfer your ticket, but please note that your ticket may only be transferred as a two-day ticket. Selling/transferring one ticket by itself will void the other as they are tied together. Limited single-day tickets will be available on January 20, 2023.

How can I resell my ticket?
If you can no longer attend the show, tickets may only be re-sold via Ticketmaster’s authorized fan-to-fan resale platform. Go into your account on Ticketmaster and opt to resell. Please note that resale options may not be available until a later date, depending on your country. Check your local Ticketmaster site for more information.

Is there a bag policy at the venue?
Bag policies vary from market to market. Please check your venue’s website for more information about their bag policies.

Is there any COVID protocol?
Health and safety guidelines vary from market to market. Please check your venue’s website for more information about their policies.

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