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July 12, 2022

Metallica Scholars Kicks Off Year Four

We are excited to announce the Metallica Scholars Initiative is back for year four and is welcoming ten new schools this year as the program continues to grow and thrive. We’re proudly contributing $1.8 million, with assistance going to 32 schools across 27 states in total.

In 2019 when All Within My Hands Foundation announced the first Metallica Scholars Initiative, we began working closely with the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) to provide direct support for career and technical education programs across the US, impacting job and wage growth. On average, students who complete the program see new job opportunities and increased salary potential up to three times higher than before they joined the program.

As in years past, AWMH is collaborating with awesome partners like Wolverine Boots & Apparel, whose annual work boot collaboration continues to bring financial support while outfitting Metallica Scholars along the way. This year also promises new surprises for Metallica Scholars and Wolverine’s Project Bootstrap in supporting the next generation of trade workers.

The ten new schools are:

To see a complete list of participating colleges and to learn more about the Metallica Scholars Initiative, please visit

Thanks to all of your incredible support for All Within My Hands, over 2,000 students across the country will be able to complete programs in a wide range of areas leading to better jobs and increased salaries... we couldn’t do it without all of you!!

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