Metallica Store Product Exclusions

Unless otherwise specified, **excluded products** include but aren’t limited to products branded with a "**New**" badge, ***72 Seasons*** audio products, **collaborations** (such as Silver Luthier), products with proceeds benefiting the **All Within My Hands Foundation** (i.e., all AWMH branded merch, the “Helping Hands” benefit CDs, “The ABCs of Metallica,” other limited edition items created specifically to benefit the Foundation), **collectible posters**, **audio box sets**, **Pro-Ject turntables**, **Vinyl Club subscriptions**, and **Gift Certificates**.

Live Metallica recordings where sales benefit charitable organizations (i.e. the Helping Hands and Bridge School benefit shows) are excluded from Live Metallica promotions. New (non-reissued) shows available for pre-order are also excluded from Live Metallica promotions.