How Do I Change My Shipping Address?

You must be logged into your account to update your information. You can do so by selecting the "Login" icon at the top left corner of any page on

When you are logged into your account, an “Account” icon will appear in the top left corner of the page. By clicking on the “Account” icon, you can access the “My Account” feature. Once in “My Account,” select “Addresses.” From there, you can edit or delete a stored address or click the “Add New Address” button to add a new address to your account.

Please update your address **prior to placing an order**. This helps ensure that your order will be shipped to your current address. Once an order has been placed it is **not possible** to change the shipping address online.

If your package is returned to the Metallica Store marked as "undeliverable" we will attempt to contact you via e-mail. We will hold the package for ten (10) days at which point the goods will be returned to our inventory for sale and your account will be credited for the returned merchandise, shipping not included.