Will I Still Have Access To Ticket Presales?

We are going to do our best to give the long time Met Clubbers, or as we lovingly refer to you around here, our "Legacy" members, first crack at tickets before the general Met Club presale. It may not always happen as sometimes we have a limited block of tickets (for instance at a festival), but those of you who fit the "Legacy" title will always receive notice when we have something special for you. As we like to say, keep watching those e-mails and keep your profiles updated.

Some of you have commented that because the Club is free, more scalpers would now join and be able to get the good tickets. While there will always be some scalping of Metallica tickets (just as there were some paid members who scalp!!!), we are addressing the scalpers with the most "next level" anti-scalping/anti-bot technology and are confident that it will not be a problem.