Why Did The Metallica Club Change From Its Old Format?

A lot... ha, who are we kidding... nearly all of you want to know why we've made such a drastic change. To start, obviously a lot has changed since 1993 when the Club first began. There's a vastly different world out there and now we have more opportunity than ever to reach out to fans far and wide and bring them into the family. We wanted the chance to offer the benefits of being a fan club member to ALL of our fans, not just to the people who could afford to pay $45-$60 a year. In other words, we had become too exclusive for too few people. Metallica has always been about being included and we didn't want to exclude anyone from sharing their love for the band with other members of the 'Tallica family and by doing so, we hope that we foster a new improved worldwide community and that you'll make additional friends in places you might not have even heard of!