This was the fourth time that Metallica performed in Seoul, South Korea.

Metallica first played in Seoul on April 24, 1998 during the Poor ReTouring Me tour.

Metallica last performed in Seoul on August 15, 2006 during the Escape from the Studio 2006 tour.

The boys played six songs that had never been performed in Seoul including "Hit the Lights," "Holier Than Thou," "Ride the Lightning," "Ride the Lightning," "Cyanide," "Blackened," and "Fight Fire With Fire."

Metallica performed 18 songs off of seven albums: Kill 'Em All (2), Ride the Lightning (5), Master of Puppets (2), ...And Justice for All (3), Metallica (4), Reload (1), Death Magnetic (1)

Videos From The Show

Leper Messiah (Shanghai, China - 2013)