Show Notes

This was the third time that Metallica performed at Australia's Soundwave Festival.

This was the third show of 2013.

This was the 13th time that Metallica played a show in Melbourne.

Metallica first played Melbourne over 20 years ago on May 4, 1989.

This was the first time in nine years that "Hit the Lights" was performed in Melbourne. It was last played here on January 28, 2004.

This was the first time that "My Friend of Misery" was performed in Australia. It was also the first time that "Misery" was added to a set that did not include a full performance of The Black Album.

This was the first time since The Fillmore in 2011 that "Damage, Inc." was played.

Metallica performed 18 songs off of six albums: Kill 'Em All (3), Ride the Lightning (3), Master of Puppets (4), ...And Justice for All (3), Metallica (4), and Death Magnetic (1)

Videos From The Show

Live in Melbourne, Australia - March 1, 2013

Damage, Inc. (Live - Melbourne, Australia - 2013)

My Friend of Misery (Melbourne, Australia - 2013)