World Magnetic


This was the 135th show on the World Magnetic Tour and the 16th performance in 2010.

This was the first time that Metallica played in Puerto Rico.

Metallica was originally supposed to perform in Puerto Rico on April 29, 1993 but the gig had to be canceled at the last minute due to inclemate weather.

This was the last show of the Central & South American legs of the tour.

This was the first time that That Was Just Your Life opened a show on the Central & South American tour.

This was the third time that Motorbreath was played in 2010.

This was the second 2010 performance of Die, Die My Darling.

This was the first show on the World Magnetic Tour to feature Creeping Death as far down the setlist as it was. It was featured in the 10th slot at this gig whereas all other World Magnetic performances of the song featured the song in one of the first four slots.

Metallica performed 18 songs tonight from 8 different albums: Kill ‘Em All (2 songs), Ride the Lightning (3 songs), Master of Puppets (2 song), ...And Justice for All (2 songs), The Black Album (3 songs), Re-Load (1 song), Garage, Inc. (1 song), and Death Magnetic (4 songs)

Videos From The Show

Enter Sandman (San Juan, Puerto Rico - 2010)