European Vacation

30 Seconds to Mars, Gojira, Within Temptation

This was Metallica’s first performance in Arras. They aren’t, however, strangers in France. This was their 36th show in France… the first one was way back in 1984 on February 9 in Paris.

This was the second performance of Cyanide from Death Magnetic.

This was the first time that Whiplash was performed in France in 12 years. The last time was on October 3, 1996 in Lyon.

The last two French performances of Ride the Lightning were both in Paris… the last one was on June 11, 2003 at Le Bataclan and the one prior was on February 5, 1987 at Le Zenith.

The last time The Memory Remains was performed in France was on July 8, 1999 in Eurockeennes.

Videos From The Show

No Remorse (Arras, France - 2008)