Sick of the Studio '07


This was the final show on this year's Sick of the Studio tour. It's back to the studio for the guys in Metallica.

This was the first time in SIXTEEN YEARS that Metallica's performed in Moscow. The only other time they've performed in Russia was the epic show on September 28, 1991 at the Tushino Airfield.

This was the first time that Robert Trujillo has performed a show in Russia with any band.

Half the set contained songs that had never been performed in Russia. The following songs were performed live in Moscow for the first time: Fuel, Wherever I May Roam, Welcome Home (Sanitarium), ...And Justice for All, The Memory Remains, Disposable Heroes, Orion, Nothing Else Matters, and The Four Horsemen.

This was also the first time that the full version of Master of Puppets had been performed in Moscow.

Videos From The Show

Fuel & Seek and Destroy (Moscow, Russia - 2007)