Madly In Anger With The World


This is the first show on the third leg of the North American 2004 Madly In Anger with the World Tour.

Metallica has not performed on the “in the round” stage since May 15, 2004 in Little Rock, AR. They have been in Europe performing at large stadiums and festivals.

This was the first time Stone Cold Crazy was played on this leg of the Madly In Anger With the World tour 2004.

Lars invited a fan on stage for the beginning of Seek and Destroy to help him count in the song. The fan kept on playing for a while before Lars got back in the driver's seat again.

This is the first time Metallica performed in St Paul, MN. The last time the band was in the Twin Cities was for Summer Sanitarium 2003 at the Metrodome on July 27, 2003.

Videos From The Show

Wherever I May Roam (St. Paul, MN - 2004)