Meet & Greet: June 8, 2019

Meath, Ireland

Enter for your chance to win a Meet & Greet Pass for the show on June 8, 2019 in Meath, Ireland.

Entry period runs until Monday, June 3 at 10 AM Pacific Time. Winners will be drawn randomly and e-mailed with more details by end of the day on Tuesday, June 4.*


  1. You must be at least 18 years of age or older.


  3. ONE ENTRY PER PERSON. If we find that you have entered multiple times to increase your chances in the drawing, your account will be disabled and, if applicable, Legacy privileges will be revoked.

  4. The name that you have listed in your account MUST match the name you have on your Photo ID. Please check your profile to ensure that we have the correct information on file. You will be denied entry if the name on your Photo ID does not match the name on your winning entry.

  5. Your pass is non-transferable. You can't give it to your best friend or sell it on eBay. And it's only good for ONE (1) show - the one listed at the top. No, you can't exchange it for another show on another day. This pass is for you only! No guests allowed.

  6. ARRIVE EARLY! Please allow yourself plenty of time to accommodate heavy traffic, limited parking, and intense security.

  7. If you win, you will receive more details in the confirmation e-mail. But the basics are: you must have your own ticket to the show and you must check in at the specified spot in the late afternoon on show day.**

  8. Winners must RSVP!

By entering you agree to the rules and guidelines set forth above.

The Fine Print: The Fine Print: You may enter to win a Meet & Greet pass for as many shows as you like but you are only allowed one entry per person. Multiple entries per contest will result in removal of all entries, revoke your website privileges and your membership will be terminated. You can only win once every 365 days. Choose wisely - if you win a pass for this show and do not attend, you may not win a pass again. Only one pass will be given out per Fifth Member - sorry, no guests. You must have your own ticket to the show.

* Time and date of winner notification are subject to change. Please check back here for up to date information.

** Time of check-in is subject to change. The winner's confirmation e-mail will contain up-to-date information.