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Month of Giving Fundraising Leaderboard

Jun 4, 2021

JUNE 4 UPDATE: Congratulations to our two grand prize winners!
THE OUTLAW CORN is our highest fundraiser with $10,512.79!
AND JUSTICE FOR SPOKANE was randomly selected for our second prize!

(See video below leaderboard.)

To chapter heads of all participating chapters: keep an eye on your email as we are reaching out with a thank you.

A massive thank you to all 59 chapters that participated in this event! Your efforts, combined with the $50k match from the AWMH Board and its advisors, have resulted in an incredible $119,383.40 raised for Month of Giving!

AWMH will calculate the amounts raised from all Month of Giving activities and announce the donations to Feeding America and Direct Relief in the coming weeks.

May 4, 2021

Write-in donations on the main AWMH donation site as well as donations with write-ins on other platforms will be calculated after the conclusion of Month of Giving.

To donate to your chapter's fund, scroll to the bottom of this page for a direct link to your chapter's fundraising page.

If your chapter is not listed, you can visit the All Within My Hands Donation Page, select “Month of Giving - General Fund” on the first page, and then type the name of your chapter in the field under “Dedicate this Donation in Honor or Memory of Someone” on the second page.

REMEMBER: There will be two winners in this competition: the chapter raising the most money and a randomly selected chapter drawn from all participants. Click here for more information.

Click on your chapter below to go directly to your chapter's official fundraising page. Thank you for participating and good luck!

And Hawaii For All
And Indonesia for All
And Justice For Lebanon
And Justice For Spokane
And Justice for Turkey
Arkansas, Rise!
Austin, Rise!
Blackened UK
California...To Self-Destruct!
Chile To Self Destruct
Chilean Destroy
Costa Rica Fade To Black
Creeping Carolinas
Creeping Moths
Daytona Blackened
Dyers Cleve
Fargo The Bell Tolls
Hardwired 2 The Netherlands
Hardwired to Catalonia
Hardwired to Nepal
Harvesters of Utah
Japannica: Metal Justice Tokyo
MASSter of Puppets
Metal Militia Germany
Metallica Club Scandinavia
Minnesota Militia
My Friends of Sicily
Nothing Else in B.C. Matters
Quebec Unnamed Chapter
Rhode the Lightning
San Antarium (Welcome Home)
Sask and Destroy
Seattle Inc.
Southern Illinois Sanitarium
Space City Puppets
Spain Magnetic
St. Germany
'tallica Japan
Texas Magnetic Death
The 6ix Horsemen
The Chilean Horsemen
The Danish Horsemen
The Finnish Chapter
The French Horsemen
The Metallica Collectors Club
The Orion Trail
The Outlaw Corn
The RGV Remains
To Live Is To DFW
UK Apocalypse
Waves of Fear in Peoria
Welcome Home (Venezuela)
Wisconsin Whiplash