Lemmy: 49% Motherfucker, 51% Son of a Bitch

Released February 15, 2011

Released February 15, 2011

Liner Notes

In LEMMY, directors Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski explore the amazing life and career of heavy metal pioneer and cultural icon Lemmy Kilmister, the life force behind the enduring, influential band Motörhead. Over more than four decades, the drug-fueled, raspy-voiced Kilmister's career has intersected with many of the touchstone moments in rock: He saw the Beatles at the Cavern Club, he served as roadie for Jimi Hendrix, he mentored Sid Vicious and played in both Merseybeat and psychedlic rock bands before fusing punk and metal and thus providing the inspiration for thrash metal with Motörhead. Along the way, he forever inspired the likes of Dave Grohl, Slash and Metallica, all of whom appear in LEMMY, alongside Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Peter Hook, Jarvis Cook and more.

Metallica is featured throughout the documentary with both interview and performance footage. They are also heavily featured in the DVD Extras which include full rehearsals and performances of Damage Case and Too Late Too Late from a 2009 tour stop in Nashville, TN. Also included is a look back to the night they all dressed up as Lemmy to perform a short Motörhead-filled set as The Lemmy's to celebrate the man's 50th birthday.

James Hetfield - Guitar, Vocals

Lars Ulrich - Drums

Kirk Hammett - Guitar

Robert Trujillo - Bass

Lemmy Kilmister - Bass, Vocals

Jason Newsted - Bass, Vocals on footage from December 14, 1995

Nashville footage recorded live on September 14, 2009 at the Sommet Center in Nashville, TN

Footage from Lemmy's Birthday Party was shot on December 14, 1995 at the Whisky-a-Go-Go in West Hollywood, CA. The footage features excerpts of THE CHASE IS BETTER THAN THE CATCH and (WE ARE) THE ROAD CREW.

Directors/Producers: Greg Olliver & Wes Orshoski

Camera Operators: Greg Olliver, Wes Orshoski, Jeremy Mack, Karim Raoul, Andy Kugler

Editors: Greg Olliver & Wes Orshoski

Assistant Editor: Mike Potter

Sound Mix: Mike Gillies, Steve "HB" Perski, Frank Cabanach

Graphics: Josh Milowe/Wealthy Pictures

Art & Design: Kaya Dzankich & Mick Cassidy

Metallica Photography: Jeff Yeager

All songs © EMI Intertrax

© 2010 Lemmy Movie LLC