Sick of the Studio '07

The (Int) Noise Conspiracy, Zico Chain, Biok

This was the first time Metallica has played in Bilbao. However, Metallica has previously performed in Spain 18 times.

The full Master of Puppets album was performed for the first time since August 13, 2006 in Osaka, Japan.

Let’s sing along… “Woaaaaah, ohhhhhh!” This was the fourth time Metallica has performed The Other New Song. The last time it was performed was on August 15, 2006 in Seoul, Korea.

This was the first time the full version of Orion has been performed in Spain. The song has been played in its entirety a total of 14 times.

The last time The Unforgiven was performed in Spain was on June 18, 1993 in Madrid.

Videos From The Show

Battery (Bilbao, Spain - 2007)