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Reading Festival

Many, many acts today at the Reading Festival, from Ghost to Babymetal to Royal Blood to Seether to Baroness. Metallica will hit the stage around 9:30. Pics from this morning load in are up....

Moscow! Russia!

A lot of firsts tonight: First Ride in Moscow (and irst Ride since 11/8/14 at Blizzcon), first Battery in Moscow since 2007, first King in Moscow, first Un4 in Moscow, first Lords in Moscow, first Frayed in Moscow, and first Whiskey in Moscow! Setlist is up, pics to come...

Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye

Fade to Black is just starting..... before that we had Cyanide, Sad, Sanitarium, Frayed, One, and Puppetz. Seek is next!

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