Orion Cooler 65 Qt.

Orion Cooler 65 Qt.

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Orion 65: Big trips, big events, big house parties. Be the guy with the cooler everyone wants.

Lockable, beastly strong and stingy with every chip of ice you feed it, the 65 craves big adventures. Meaning a week in the field is child’s play for this workhorse. Bring on the three-day festival with your buds, tailgating the big game with the crew, or a little more, yet still manageable for one person going solo. 

Capacity & Dimensions: 65 quarts; 18.5" H x 27" W x 17.5" D; 36 lbs

Fill With: 50 lbs ice & 63 cans

*Please note: Shipping and handling costs are included in the retail price of this item. Only available to ship to the continental 48 United States.

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