Keep Coloring Your World Blackened

All of us at HQ are impressed -- looks like 'Tallica fans all over the world haven't hesitated to get behind Blackened Recordings! No wonder our fans are the best...

We know you've probably kicked back on the sofa with your Blackened gear on, Master of Puppets on the turntable, Fabric Banners on the wall, cold drink at the least that's what we are doing (hey, this job has its perks)! But it's hot here at HQ, and the drinks aren't staying quite as cold as we like. Fortunately, we were thinking ahead -- the Antarctica Koozie and Antarctica Tall Boy Koozie just arrived and are ready to buy. Problem solved!

We've kept the great deals on vinyl going this week -- the first pressing of Master of Puppets on Blackened is ready for your turntable, and we have other classics available as well (at low, low prices!) But don't sleep: the very last copies of the Through the Never 45 RPM Deluxe Vinyl Set and Through the Never 33 1/3 Colored Vinyl are almost gone. Don't say we didn't warn you!