Lars, Michael Wagener & James

“There were more guitar tracks than usual, which contributed to the thick guitar sound on the album, and James had a very definitive vision of where he wanted to go with the guitar sound. Lars also knew exactly what he wanted to hear in his drums. It was easy for me to just follow their vision and try to realize what they wanted to hear. During the mixing sessions the band was always present at the studio and didn’t miss a minute of the project. I would mix a song to a point where I thought we got it close and then the band would come into the room with fresh ears and gave their comment. Usually, I was sitting in the middle behind the console, James was to my left and Lars sat to my right. Cliff even got hands-on involved for the intro of ‘Orion.’ He was making all kinds of suggestions about how he would like to hear the bass, so I sat him down at the console and let him mix the intro himself. It took us a while to get it right to where Cliff wanted it, but it turned out very well.” – Michael Wagener, Mixing Engineer for Master of Puppets

Michael Wagener