Spotify Launches Landmark

Aug 18, 2016

In the Spring we celebrated Record Store day with the release of remastered versions of Kill ‘Em All and Ride The Lightning and our friends from Spotify came out to visit us at HQ to talk about our first two albums. The results of those chats are now there for you to check out as today Spotify launched their first music documentary, Landmark – Metallica: The Early Years. The four-part series features exclusive interviews with us, rare archival footage as well as themed companion playlists and exclusive playlists curated by us.

Log into Spotify or the mobile platform in the US, UK, Sweden and Germany to check out all four episodes now!

Chapter One: Metal Milita

How did an army of tape-traders help a group of pimply misfits "go viral" in 1982? Metal Militia recounts the story, from Lars' chance encounter with Motörhead in a London rehearsal space to the arrival of Cliff Burton.

Chapter Two: Metal Up Your Ass

As Kirk joins the band in New York and Kill ‘Em All is recorded.

Chapter Three: Sophistication & Brutality

With Cliff fully on-board as a contributing songwriter, the vision grew with the follow up to Kill 'Em All.

Chapter Four: Armageddon's Here

From dive bars to stadiums.