MetalliBash Surprise

Sep 12, 2001

"By the fans, of the fans, for the fans", was the slogan of the night at the Maritime Hall in San Francisco on September 1st. A Metallica convention was held that was put together by various fans across the U.S. Throughout the evening fans interacted with each other and goodie packs were raffled out. A few hours in to the night the cover band Creeping Death took the stage.

When asked how long their set would be, the answer was "We are going to play at least 2 hours, but we have material for about 6 hours". The set consisted mainly of songs up until the Black Album. About 1 1/2 hours in to the set we suddenly had some familiar faces headbanging in the crowd. Lars and Kirk watched the song "One" and then they got the request from Creeping Death to join them on stage to jam.


Without hesitating Lars and Kirk took the stage and burst straight into "Die, Die My Darling". After that followed "No Remorse", "Helpless", "...And Justice For All", a jam of "Ride the Lightning", and finished off with "Am I Evil." Another true classic Metallica moment. A more in depth report and more exclusive pictures in an upcoming issue of the fanclub magazine, So What!.