Our Deepest Sympathies and Thoughts...

Sep 12, 2001

Hi Everyone,

Yesterday was a truly awful day in both the US and world history. Many lives have been senselessly lost, and many more affected and scarred by the sheer enormity of this tragedy. We've all been reading some of the postings on the message boards. The compassion, intelligence and emotions shown by Metalli-fans towards each other has been an awesome sight to behold. It is particularly great that within the Boards, there have been no outbursts of hatred or ignorance, only compassion and support which are the ONLY things that can TRULY help right now. We wish to add our sincerest thoughts and prayers to those directly affected by the tragedy and those who (like many of us) feel thoroughly shaken and destabilized by the events. Our words are meager in comparison to the tragedies, but they're all we can offer right now. Again, we are so sorry.

There have also been a couple of questions about the guys: we can confirm that all were on the West Coast, and thus not physically affected. It's at times like this that reaching out to each other, as many of you have been doing, is vitally important. Keep up the conversations, play Metalli-music if it helps, play whatever music/do whatever you need to do to feel a little better and know that every single person in this office feel the same sense of sorrow as you. We've always looked at Metallica Fans as a large, extended family, and right now, we're all with you. Again, to those who have lost family members, our deepest and heartfelt regrets. Take care everyone and hang in there, The Metallica Family


The events of Sept 11th will haunt us all forever. But it is important to understand that the actions of a few do not mirror the feelings and conditions of the many. No race, creed or class deserves to be 'blanket-targeted' for retaliation, and we here at wish to emphasize that our family includes people of all races, colors and classes. Messages which intone hatred or racism are not welcome here. People who feel racist hatred are not welcome here. Remember, to really support this great nation we live in, it is important to understand that prejudice weakens and divides society. We need to be strong and united. Most of all, we need to show a thirst for knowledge not ignorance. Please continue to express frustration, anger, distress or whatever you might feel regarding the terrorist attacks on New York City. But DON'T spread hatred and ignorance. Remember, the Metallica Family is an INTERNATIONAL family. Thanks in advance...