Sanitarium Prisoners Released - What's Next?

Aug 16, 2000

After spending a month and a half in the "Summer Sanitarium" Metallica just got released. We are all wondering what's next? We caught up with two of the inmates right before their release.

Jaymz: - "We are going to try and truly take some FUK-OFF time. Then slowly get in the studio / recording space. One song at a time. Maybe record a few then hit the road for a coupla weeks. We'll see if this can work for us. Had a damn good time on the road this summer. Was GRREEAT to get out for a month or two and not burn out."

Kirk: - "Here we are in Lexington and we just played our final show of the year. (probably) I hope to see all of you guys soon, after we finish the new album that we are supposed to record sometime next year. We hope that you can wait as long as us because we want to get back on the road right away. We are going to try and record this album soon. I should say fairly soon because we are not going in to the studio until the spring time. We hope that everyone out there had a good time, all the people that came to see the shows and we see you farther down the road."