ReLaunch Party Video

Jul 27, 2002

Exactly three weeks ago on July 6, Metallica threw a party for approx 100 lucky contest winners. They were invited to the Metallica HQ in San Francisco. 10 lucky Grand Prize winners spent the afternoon on a bus together with the band as their tour guides.

Would you trust these guys as your tour guides?

Of course we can't forget about Andrew and Elena, that won the bass player audition and got to be members in Metallica for the night! The band then decided to play for another hour, this time with Bob Rock on bass. The setlist included everything from old stuff, covers to the brand new tune Dead Kennedy Rolls (working title).

100 people in the crowd at this gig

"It was so fuckin' cool to be amongst it again, to connect with you motherfuckers again, to share some music, some laughs, some love, some insults and a few beverages", was Lars' comment a few days after the party.

Faster than fast...

So for all of you that did not make it to the party, we put together a little video that captures the activities throughout the day & night. ENJOY, and trust us when we say, You DON'T wanna miss this video.