Metallibash 2

Jul 16, 2002

On July 13th, in San Francisco's magnificent Great American Music Hall, the second annual Metallibash, all organized and presented by the fans, rip-roared through a very cool, very relaxed and very very fun evening of Metallimemories, moments and the occasional flash of (good natured) Metallimadness. Approximately 350 people came from all over the globe to celebrate their respect and appreciation for the guys, in the process further renewing mutual respect for each other as hard core fans.

MetalliBash 2002

Amidst the swag, raffle prizes, tapes and cocktails, there was time (about two hours of it!) for audience members to ask invited guests from the Metallica Fan Club staff including Toby Stapleton, Merchandise Manager and Steffan Chirazi, "So What!" (the official fan club mag) Editor, as well as Lonn Friend, Editor of former mighty metal mag "Rip Magazine" a slew of questions about various Metallimatters.

Steffan Chirazi & Lonn Friend

As if that wasn't good enough, the mighty kranium krushingly kool Creeping Death stepped on up to not only deliver a vertabrae-challenging set, but also a live version of 'Dyers Eve', something which the song's original authors have yet to do (Lars was suitably impressed when told later on).

Creeping Death Band

And yes, a certain hotel in San Francisco did receive an old familiar buddy in the small hours. Check in with those lucky enough to still be awake at 4:00 AM! Here's a big 'thumbs up' to all the Metallibashers and the fans who put it all together from us here at HQ.