Spun - Live at Kimo's

Jun 5, 2002

"Damn, I have not seen that much gear being loaded in to this place before" was the first thing the bartender of Club Kimo's in San Francisco said while one of the opening acts were loading in their gear. The band with all the extra accessories was called SPUN and no one really seemed to have any information about them. Around 11pm SPUN hit the stage and introduced themselves as "Hi, we are Bob's band". Now the cat was definitely out of the bag as the surprised crowd recognize their hometown boys.

Bob's Band?

SPUN consisted of Bob Rock (on bass), James Hetfield, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett. The band started by busting out four Ramones songs: "Commando," "Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World," "53rd & 3rd," and "Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue." "That was our little tribute to the Ramones" said James with a grin.

"Hey close your eyes, we've got a surprise" he continued, and looked back at Lars. "1981?, 1983?" Lars smiled and said "OK, check this out" and then he pounded his way into "Hit the Lights." After this it was more old school tunes: "Leper Messiah," "No Remorse" and "For Whom The Bell Tolls." It was now time to fast-forward to 2002 and a play NEW SONG. The crowd could not sing-a-long, but they sure did bang-a-long. So how do you describe this new song? HEAVY, with a nice Metallica CRUNCH to it! After this nice surprise the band played "I Disappear" and the night ended with "Die, Die My Darling." "Thank you friends, we had fun. See you soon" said James.

A NEW song!

When everyone was walking out the door, I looked over at the bartender and he seemed to be as clueless as he was when we arrived. He was just happy to get rid of those guys with all that gear...

Story & Pictures by Niclas S