Swizz Beatz, Ja Rule and Metallica

Jun 19, 2002

It really will be released this year! The long talked about collaboration of Metallica with Ja Rule will finally be released on Dec 10, 2002. The song, "We Did It Again", is part of the Swizz Beatz album G.H.E.T.T.O. Stories also featuring songs with Busta Rhymes, LL Cool J, Lil' Kim, Eve, among others.

Swizz Beatz explains how the unlikely pair hooked up: "I knew I wanted to do a rock 'n' roll track and I knew I wanted to get the biggest act possible to do it, but I never thought in a million years that I'd be working with Metallica on this. They had two songs already that I really liked. I took those and combined them into one song. Then I called Ja Rule and told him I needed him to be on what could be the biggest song of his career. I told him to guess who he'd be working with on it and he was naming all these people he thought it was and finally, I said, "It's Metallica," and he said, "Hell yeah!" This song is a blessing. When people hear it, they won't believe it!"

Lars Ulrich added that, "I've never heard anything quite like that. It sits in a different place than anything else I've heard. I've never heard anything that sits right where this sits and that's pretty cool."

Kirk Hammett also had a fine old time, enthusiastically describing the final song as 'unique', whilst James Hetfield said, "I think they did a great job. There were riffs I had heard before somewhere," he added, smiling, "and I think the song is really cool and different, extremely different."

Again, look for the album, and this quite stunning slab of heaviness, on July 16th.