Studio Update From Lars

May 5, 2001

It's been nearly two weeks since the band entered the studio and there is some very interesting material being produced. Yesterday was the last day of recording/jamming before a short break, while Lars goes on maternity leave. The band finished up the night by listening to all of the "tunes" they've recorded so far. Excitement was in the air and heads were a bangin'!! Among the visitors to the studio was none other than Lars' friend Sean Penn. After a short drinking session to end the night, goodbyes were exchanged and everyone went their separate ways. Recording will resume soon!


Here is a message to everyone out there from our buddy Lars:
"is there life out there in Metali-land??? lars here, live and direct from our secret location in san francisco, where we are about 5 hours in to our day and coming up with some sick ugly new fucked up jams. me, kirk, james, bob rock and all our buds are on day 9 on our new project and it's going fuckin awesome. we've got a shitload of sick ideas and it's really cool to get back to being a band again."


The vibe is adventurous, open and we're really reveling in throwing new weird shit at each other, in every positive sense of the word.what's it like, you ask?? i got no fuckin idea. we made this pact to work on 1 or 2 ideas every day and not listen to it until we take our first break. so every day we throw shit at the wall, store it away safely on tape and in a few days we will take tapes home. the idea is to not think about or over-analyze it.... you know, a little less anal than before....he sez now at least. anyway, i' gonna go see what the other fucks are doing downstairs. i just wanted say "what the fuck?" from the studio and i'll check in again in a few. you all be good. c-ya in a bit."

Guess who is playing bass in the studio? Well, if you are a MetClub member, log in to the website to find out, and check out even more exclusive pictures. Keep checking for more updates and to get the REAL inside scoop.