Metallica's Plans for Y2K

Mar 21, 1999

After a sixteen-hour drive, Metallica bassist Jason returned to his home state of Michigan to announce some very special plans for New Year's Eve. Jason teamed up with another Michigan native, guitar hero and rock legend, Ted Nugent at the Pontiac Silverdome in suburban Detroit to announce the "biggest party of the year 2000."

Metallica in concert with Ted Nugent, New Years Eve 1999 (December 31st) at the Pontiac Silverdome.

Both Jason and Ted promise a party to remember.

Of playing with Metallica Nugent says "I'm open for anything, I had a riot when we jammed at The Palace and I think we deserve each other" and adds "I think we ought to jam at midnight."

Whose idea was it to come to Detroit for the show? Ted blames Jason. Jason admits, "it came from the Metallica camp. We wanted to do a big thing, everybody wanted to do a big thing for New Years." "It's always special," Ted says on playing New Years Eve in the Detroit area. Jason adds, "what it comes right down to is that you have to pick a few places to play in North America. Say you could pick a half dozen, chances are two or three of the six will be of 300-400 miles of here" and added "people are real loyal to heavy music in this area." "Detroit's the best, no matter what," added Nugent.

There was a lot of speculation that Kiss may join the bill, to that Ted answered with a smile "Gene wishes." Jason says "at least one other band, probably two," will join the bill, but admits Kiss is unlikely. Nugent does suggest that special guests aren't out the question and that some special band-mates of his may show up, "I wouldn't be surprised if some of those guys (Damn Yankees) showed up."

Metallica hits the road in late April, with two very special shows with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra in Berkeley, CA. Jason describes these shows as "104 pieces of the symphony, kind of coming to us and playing our tunes." Going on about the symphony shows he says, "we're only going to do about 8 hours of rehearsing, actually; and it's only the 4 days leading up to it, so we're hearing some tapes of some ideas and things. It's going to be different."

After the symphony shows, Metallica will tour South America and Europe. "Metallica's not going to be in North America until towards the end of the year. This show (New Year's Eve) will be one big one in the middle of a few other ones in North America," adds Newsted. As for a new album before this show happens? "Hopefully."

Nugent will be touring North America this summer and expects a Damn Yankees album out by October. Damn Yankees, is a highly successful side project of Ted's with Night Ranger's Jack Blades and Styx's Tommy Shaw.

Jason turns to ask, "by the way, will you be riding a buffalo?" "Yes, that will be a buffalo between my legs!" answers the man who rightfully earned the nickname Motor City Madman.