To All E-mail Users

Feb 21, 2002

We're very sorry to tell you that we will no longer be offering the e-mail for free or as a subscription service. The free e-mail had been offered for about two years, and while we know that the service was not always up to our usual high standards (cough!), every effort was made to provide you, the fans, with a cool FREE e-mail address.

Digging back into our somewhat technologically underdeveloped brains, two years ago it seemed like everyone was stoked about the endless possibilities on the web. As we were bombarded with technology companies promising us new and amazing features with bells and whistles, we waded through some crazy propositions. The e-mail service seemed like a no brainer - the cost of the service would be covered by a few tolerable banner ads, and anyone who is a Metallica fan lets the world know with their e-mail address. All for free for everyone - seemed like a win/win situation.

Well, here we are in 2002 and it's a different dot com world. The online advertising biz tanked, and many of the free services that existed have disappeared. We hooked up with the web site and looked at a number of options, some of which involved a monthly subscription fee. None of them seemed to make much sense to us... we wanted to provide a higher quality, more consistent service, but didn't want to charge you.

Sorry about the inconvenience that this has caused you. We know it sucks. Let us know what you think - the boards are open.

Love, The Band