The Unnamed Artist

Feb 2, 2004

And the winner is: Louis Claveria! See Louis' cover and the tracklist below.

  1. The Unnamed Feeling
  2. Dirty Window (Live at the Big Day Out, Gold Coast, 2004)
  3. Master Of Puppets (Live at the Big Day Out, Gold Coast, 2004)
  4. Battery (Live at the Big Day Out, Gold Coast, 2004)

With Australia about to explode with Metallica-fever in January, the band have announced that they would like an Australian to design the cover artwork of their next single "The Unnamed Feeling". This will be the third single from the band's latest album St Anger, released earlier this year.

Four finalists will be selected, with the winning front cover design being judged by Metallica themselves when they touch down in Australia mid-January.

One lucky winner will have their artwork fronting an "Australian only" single, which will feature exclusive live b-sides from Metallica's first show at the Big Day Out in Brisbane. The tracks will be mixed & mastered in a matter of days, and released in February 2004.

The winner's artwork will be autographed by the band and framed. All four finalists will be featured in an exclusive poster insert to be included in the single.