Jan 7, 1999

Two very special Metallica shows will happen at the Berkeley Community Theater on April 21 and 22 in San Francisco, CA. The show will feature Metallica and the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra as conducted and arranged by Michael Kamen.

Lars says of the show: "What happened was, about a year and a half ago Michael Kamen got in touch with us. Through working with other rock artists of the last ten years like Peter Townsend, Eric Clapton, Kate Bush, Aerosmith and so on, he has done a lot of projects where he has sort of married the world of rock and symphony together. Michael came to us with a proposal of basically taking Metallica's music and marrying it to the San Francisco Symphony with Michael being sort of a middle man conducting it and writing it."

Michael Kamen has previously worked with Metallica on "Nothing Else Matters," he has worked with several other rock bands notably Pink Floyd, David Bowie and Aerosmith.

The symphony will be made up of 104 members, and include "Metallica being Metallica" playing songs spanning the band's 17 year career. The San Francisco Symphony has previously played a show similar to this with The Grateful Dead.

James says of the new presentation of their songs "It's new in the way that it hasn't been presented in this way" but he hints that "a new composition would be nice. And if we find the time to do that, that would be extra."

Lars suggested the possibility of several songs adjusting to this new setting including "Enter Sandman," "Devil's Dance," "Fight Fire With Fire," "Nothing Else Matters," "Hero of the Day" and "The Outlaw Torn" of which he says "we listened to it yesterday and were really surprised at how optimal that song might be for this kind of project. So, I think there will really be some sideways stuff thrown in there."