Metallica Play Raiders Parking Lot

Jan 20, 2003

OK OK, so MAYBE we knew it was gonna happen, MAYBE we knew it was gonna be cool and MAYBE we knew that it could be the perfect gig for the perfect day...but even WE didn't know it was gonna be THIS good!

Metallica. Live. And direct. Parking lot party. Before the Raiders AFC Championship game. 'Tallica crush. Titans get stomped 41-24. YEAAAAH BABYEEEEEEEE!

The idea was hatched moments after the AFC playoff pummeling of the New York Jets, lifelong Raider (and Metallica frontman/guitarist) James Hetfield getting wild notions of flatbed trucks in parking lots with loud PAs, the Raiders themselves digging the idea and the hearty Metallica crew scrambling like Rich Goddam Gannon to make it work.

It had to be kept quiet for a variety of reasons which all basically centered around public saftey issues versus the plug being pulled if it looked dangerous. You understand. We KNOW you do!


And so it was that four days after the verbal thought was first uttered, and YEEEEEEAAAHHH! there they were, tuning down the likes of 'Seek And Destroy' (dedicated to the Titans!) to achieve maximum malevolence, cranking up the volume for opener 'Fuel' and literally crushing the lucky attendees with a sledgehammer 'Master Of Puppets'. Lars was his usual drum-demonic Danish self behind the kit, Kirk was firing on all cylindars and Bob Rock laid down superbly anchored bass, all of our guys wearing the silver & black, everyone 150% committed to the dual cause of a fine set plus some Raider inspiration.


Add 'Sad But True', a cracking version of '...Bells' and a supercharged 'Battery', and our boys had done their mighty Metallic bit to pump up the Raiders.

"This is a dream come true," said James Hetfield. With the Raiders going on to crush the Titans into tiny Tennessee pieces, that statement could not have rung truer.


More on this superb event later, but we have to continue celebrating now...