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Hello, My name is Erika and I have been awestruck by Metallica since I was a little kid. Countless hours were spent analyzing every song and guitar part. I started playing on a 100 year old hand me down acoustic that belonged to a long dead relative.. it had literally 3 working tunable strings.. but that didn’t stop me. I played and played and played until my fingers bled, learning songs by ear. I did a shit ton of odd jobs and was able to score an Ibanez (cheap ass) Silver Cadet and Peavy amp. I beat the shit out of that guitar.. hours dissecting Kirks guitar parts. Dreaming of the day that I would get good enough and get enough cash saved to buy the holy grail of guitars-a Gibson Flying V. I worked my ass off, took lessons and finally saved enough cash to get that beautiful black and white piece of heaven packaged oh so perfectly in its brown Gibson case with pink plush and silk lining. Metallica saved my life and helped give me identity and purpose through music. ❤️