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Born as Katrien Van Vosselen in Deurne, Belgium on 17/09/1974 in a family of 3 kids.Having 2 elder brothers Bart (49) and Jo (48). Happy with my fiancee Serge Boffen (guitarplayer) and blessed with two Sons, Alex (18) and Dave (14) and Joey (18) Serges Son. I am the front lady of the Belgium Hard Rock/Metal Band 'Silver Bullet Machine '( I like music with character and song texts with a deeper meaning and therefor I adore Metallica an lots of other great metal groups as Motörhead, Judas Priest, Manowar, Ghost .... You guys are amazing, making great music,... you are an inspiration. It would be a dream come true meeting James and the other guys, ‘cause he is one of my big examples in music, hopefully someday, somewhere. I never saw them live and this November it will be the first time looking and hearing them live….. sooo excited 😊 But first and foremost: ‘rock and metal are on top of my list!’