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28 year old guy from Denmark. Metallica's been my number 1 favorite band since I was introduced to them at the age of 9 (Blackened and One were the first tracks I ever heard - instantly in love) I didn't get to see them live until 2007, but since then, I have pledged to see them AT LEAST once every single year - and so far, on average, I have done that (and more). Twice so far I have celebrated my birthday by traveling to another country to see them there - Sonipshere 2011 and Prague in 2014. One of my most memorable gigs was Sonisphere Warszawa, 2010, when they did the "Big 4" for the first time ever - I traveled to Poland and back to Denmark again same day, alone, just for that gig. Totally worth it! Metallica is the one band that will ALWAYS be in my heart - their music and influence will follow me into the grave.